Cat Tattoo welcomes new artist, Ronnie

Wednesday December 11, 2013

Ronnie has an extensive background in art, having spent at least twenty five years drawing and tattooing now for sixteen years. He holds an Associates degree in Graphic Design and loves drawing in graphite on colored paper as well as combining hand-drawn work and a little digital tweaking with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Alphonse Mucha, Dimitry Samohin, Rob Koss, and Riccardo Federici are among his top artistic influences and have inspired him to try as many different styles as possible, although he prefers bright colorful work and black and gray portrait styles with white ink because of how well these styles translate into being tattooed. Ronnie is currently at Cat Tattoo in Addison, TX. If you'd like to make an appointment or are interested in his work feel free to send an email in the link provided or drop a line at Cat Tattoo.