Cat Tattoo welcomes new artist, Kevin McCallister

Wednesday February 12, 2014

Kevin started drawing from a very early age, and his passion for art has only grown exponentially over the years.  Pencil and pen sketching mostly although he wants to try painting. Attending Advanced Placement Art as well as some classes in the Art Institute of Dallas, and trying for an apprenticeship after High School, Kevin took every tip he could get and self taught tattooing. Despite knowing the cliche of naming Nico Hertado as an influence, Kevin stands by how much he loves the man's work, and finds Boog's script aesthetically appealing. With 8 years of experience tattooing, Kevin enjoys realism and absolutely loves both full color and black and grey portraits. In his own words, "If I could do a portrait a day I would be happy". Kevin is currently at Cat Tattoo in Addison, TX. If you'd like to make an appointment or are interested in his work feel free to send an email in the link provided, contact his work cell: 469-335-2076,  or drop a line at Cat Tattoo.