Featured Artist of the Week: Matt Bell

Friday January 30, 2015

Matt was introduced to tattoos from an early age. His Dad was a member of the old school biker community and the art of their tattoos intrigued him. Matt invested his time in self-taught art and drawing from comic book inspiration during High School. He loved any illustrative cartoonish material and he knew he wanted to something with art after graduating. Born and raised in Plano, he started professionally tattooing during 2007-2008. Matt's artistic influences include Jime Litwalk, Norm, and Jack Ruby. He loves doing new school traditional, and specializes in script and lettering. Yet he is absolutely open to requests and other styles, he works towards developing his own style and pushing it as far as he can. Matt is currently at Cat Tattoo in Addison, TX. If you'd like to make an appointment or are interested in his work feel free to send an email in the link provided or drop a line at Cat Tattoo.