Rebirth Tattoo Aftercare

Friday February 20, 2015

Cat Tattoo is proud to support a revolutionary tattoo aftercare product made from fully organic, plant based, high quality ingredients excluding harsh chemicals. Rebirth aftercare includes Tepezcohuite, a famous ancient 'healing tree'.

Rebirth is comprised of three simple steps. The first of these steps is 'The Purification Cleanse', which cleans and protects from infection while Inclusion of Tepezcohuite accelerates healing. Then the Rebirth Serum's liquid delivery of Tepezcohuite bonds with cells on the molecular level and forms a protective antibacterial, anti fungal, breathable layer. At the end the Salvation Skin Salve deeply nourishes without sticky natural butters and regenerates flaking cells with an expedited third stage of healing with Tepezcohuite.

Rebirth Tattoo Aftercare drastically decreases healing time, removes the need to use harsh chemical laden ointments and suffocating plastic wraps. Reducing the chance of damaging the fresh work allows quicker return to swimming, tanning, gym, sports, and work activities while managing to minimize redness, swelling, seeping and scabbing. Amazingly it makes healing a tattoo comfortable, which is a first in tattoo aftercare. It won't get stuck to bed sheets, can be used during public functions without attracting attention alongside no painful dried out scabbing, and can be tattooed again quicker if it is a piece in progress. All around Rebirth Tattoo Aftercare is a fresh breath of air for both client and artist.