Dermalab Tattoo Laser Removal Information

Saturday March 14, 2015

Do you have a tattoo you want to remove or cover up? An average cover-up requires at least three times the size of the original tattoo to properly hide without fading it first. Laser Removal can drastically minimize the space necessary to cover up unwanted tattoos, and even erase the ink entirely back to your original skin tone.

When a tattoo is put into the skin by a professional tattoo artist, his goal is to saturate as much ink in as possible without over saturating the tissue. As the tattoo ages, the particles settle and are slowly absorbed by the body. This is why older tattoos can looked blurred or faded. The laser works by targeting pigments based on colors in the light spectrum. The laser is emitted towards a particular pigment and then the ink absorbs the laser light. When this happens the ink molecules burst into smaller particles, which can then be absorbed and processed out of the body. With this said, the new and more saturated the tattoo, the longer it takes to remove. Darker inks absorb more light and are therefore easier to remove. Brighter colors reflect light which makes them more challenging to remove.

Maybe you are considering other options. And there are a few other options for tattoo removal, but only the laser method reigns supreme. Creams applied topically are literally an acid on the skin, burning their way through the tissue and scarring it permanently. Surgical excision is costly and also leaves large unsightly scarring. Injectables prove unpredictable and require the same lengths of time as initially placing the tattoo. Any remaining methods are painful and barbaric. Lasers are fast, return the skin to its original state pre-tattoo and proven effective by Doctors and Technicians globally.

Before picking a location for laser removal always ask what laser they use. Some service providers pick cheap, inefficient hair removal lasers which can scar the skin, and take too many sessions. We use the MedLite C6, an electro-optic Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and the industry's gold standard for multi-colored tattoo removal.

A Technician must see a tattoo in person to accurately price quote. We charge only by session and do not offer any ridiculous premium packages. These are a scam because every person and tattoo requires different amounts of treatment which can never be accurately predicted. You only pay for treatment you receive. Sessions begin at $150 and Thursdays are half-off for first time customers. If you make an appointment with one of our artists for a cover-up, and need laser removal we will extend our half-off deal for all your necessary sessions!

Factors affecting the number of treatments needed include,
1) Pigment: The darker the color, the more light will be absorbed and therefore more ink broken apart and filtered out of the body. The brighter the color, the light is reflected and much harder to remove, therefore yielding more treatments.

2) Age of Tattoo: Older tattoos had more time to settle and be absorbed by the body. There is less ink over time, so quicker results occur. Tattoos age in visible increments of 5 years. Anything 5 years or earlier is considered a new tattoo in regards to removal.

3) Skin Tone: Lighter skin typically responds easiest to the laser. If your skin has darker pigment, you're at possible higher risk for keloiding and hyper-pigmentation. Respecting this natural factor, we take the process a little slower. You may need an additional treatment on average or longer healing between your sessions to avoid this.

4) Professional vs. Amateur: A professional artist understands why and how to saturate the skin properly whereas an amateur usually doesn't. A professional's ink is also plastic based and an amateur can be as well or handmade, carbon based recipes. An amateur is thus typically easier and quicker to remove.

5) Immune System/Health: Having a compromised immune system or poor health will elongate the typical healing. Caring for your body internally by exercising, drinking plenty of water, and eating consciously as well as taking Zinc, Vitamin A, C, and E all help to naturally expedite your bodies' ability to heal.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal: Areas on the body that cosmetic tattoos are typically placed have swelling that require prescription medication. We do not provide this and therefore recommend a board certified Dermatologist to handle all cosmetic tattoo removal. Eyebrow tattoos for example are in such close proximity to the eyes and are very vascular areas. Lasering the eyebrows can result in the eyes swelling shut or worse. Use caution and EXTENSIVE research when locating a Board Certified Dermatologist for these procedures ONLY.

Consultations are completely free and don't require a pre-scheduled appointment. You're more than welcome to swing by for a quote or session at your convenience.